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25th, Nov 2014
HRflexwerkers kopie
  Article by Tom Haak and Anne Meint Bouma In 2014 The Netherlands has nearly 800,000 self-employed people. That is more than 10% _
15th, Nov 2014
The Oxidesk The Oxidesk keeps you healthy while working. There are other possibilities. You can stand behind your desk, you can walk behind _
8th, Nov 2014
Normally I am not a big conference participant. But as a trend watcher I have to go out there and search for new _


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26th, Nov 2014
  Part 16 of HR100 (HR in 100 one-minute lessons) is now available: How to make an HR plan (part 1) Part 1: What _
17th, Nov 2014
Schermafbeelding 2014-11-17 om 15.07.15
The HR Trend Institute can help to improve your HR Plan. In a workshop we focus on the following questions: If you look _
17th, Nov 2014
Schermafbeelding 2014-11-17 om 14.44.42
The workshop “Trends and opportunities for HR” is now available. In the workshop Tom Haak, founder and director of the HR Trend Institute, _